The Jubilants


Happy vases that  hold flowers well while reaching out for a hug. 🙂 Can you see them smiling?!?  Plus, they dance so well with the Jesters!


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Many artists create a “Mommy Vase”, a small vase design made for the short stemmed flowers that kids bring in for their moms. Janet Zug has captured this idea using techniques that are familiar in her work, to create a unique design reminiscent of a child reaching up with the flowers, or out for a hug.

Mini – 4″ tall,  Small – 6″ tall, Medium – 8″ tall, Large -10″ tall. Measurements are approximate, generally they are at least as listed, if not taller.

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Mini, Small, Medium, Large


Ruby, Sienna, Topaz, Chartreuse, Green, Aqua, Marine Blue, Green Teal, Blue Teal, Cobalt, Reddish Amethyst, Hyacinth