Second Twisters – Small

$64.00 $44.00

Second small Twisters available at a 30% discount

A new twist on a classic shape, the Twister vases are a perfect gift for any personality.

approx. 1.5″w x 5.5″h

When you order these seconds I will contact you to discuss your specific piece(s).

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These are pieces that can not be sent to one of my galleries because of some imperfection. A piece is deemed a second for a number of different reasons, it could be the shape isn’t quite what I was going for, perhaps the color is off or there is an unwanted inclusion, like a bubble or mark that I don’t like, or maybe it’s just not quite the size I shoot for.

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ruby, sienna, topaz, chartreuse, green, aqua, marine, green teal, blue teal, cobalt, reddish amethyst, hyacinth