Jubilants – Seconds Sale


The second Jubilants are offered at 30%off.

I added an apple to the photos to show the size of the piece.

The gallery photos show what is available now.

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These are pieces that can not be sent to one of my galleries because of some imperfection. A piece is deemed a second for a number of different reasons, it could be the shape isn’t quite what I was going for, perhaps the color is off or there is an unwanted inclusion, like a bubble or mark that I don’t like, or maybe it’s just not quite the size I shoot for.

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size & color

11" green, 8.25" amethyst, 7.25" green, 7.5" amethyst, 5.5" sienna, 8.75" topaz, 4.5" blue teal, 9" marine blue, 10.5" blue teal, 5.25" hyacinth, 4.75" amethyst, 4" aqua, 4.75" aqua, 3.75" cobalt, 4" green teal, 3.5" green teal, 3.75" amethyst, 7.75" lime green, 13.25" hyacinth, 7" amethyst, 5.25" marine blue