Experience Glassblowing

Are you interested in trying your hand at Glassblowing?

The next “Lesson” opportunities will be during the Vermont Craft Council Open Studio Days on May 26 & 27.  ZGS  Lessons are meant to give folks a “taste” of hot glass and a finished piece. Glassblowing is fast, fun, and difficult. A beginner will not be able to make a piece without my hands-on help.
I will direct and encourage you to do as much as you are comfortably able and together we will create your piece from molten glass.

Solid piece (paperweight) – $30. takes approx. 15 minutes

Blown Piece (cup or vase) $55. takes approx. 30 minutes

In May 2018 “lessons” will be available for purchase on this page. Until then, feel free to contact me to sign up for either lessons or classes.


Glassblowing Classes are scheduled as requests come in.
Three people per 3 hour class – $150. each
Classes are for people who want to work toward making pieces without my hands-on assistance.
The goal is to finish pieces but it’s not guaranteed. Each piece is an opportunity to learn and they don’t always make it in the oven!
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    Now offering beginner classes. Contact me if you are interested and we can work out the dates and times. Online purchase is not available at this time.

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