Seconds Sale

secondsGroupSeconds are pieces from my regular line of work that have an imperfection and cannot be sold in a gallery. The imperfections include mostly unwanted bubbles as seen below. A piece can also become a second when the size or shape isn’t quite what I was working toward. In the group picture below shows examples of seconds. The shot glass on the left and the blue “Jester” and gold Hobnob” on the right are seconds because they are a little too small to be firsts. The purple “Swirls” vase has a small fleck of blue in it and the ruby “Twister” does not have an even twist.

Most seconds do not have obvious flaws. If you are interested in purchasing seconds please call or email Janet so we can discuss what you would like to get and what I have available. Seconds are priced at a 25-45% discount from the first prices.

These are examples of bubbles in Glass that make it a second, this is enlarged.



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Written by Janet

October 16th, 2009 at 5:30 pm

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